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I am a young artist living in Devon, England. I use a selection of different mediums in my work including graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint, ink and oil paint. My practice specialises in portraiture, although I am also happy working with other styles and forms of art. 

I began drawing portraits from a young age often gaining inspiration from famous sports, music and film stars who I admire. Having partaken in art courses throughout school and college, my skill level developed and it continued to be an important hobby of mine outside the classroom. Following college I decided to pursue a football scholarship in America where I was able to play football for part of the day whilst continuing with academic classes for the remainder. Throughout my two semesters in America, I enrolled in a drawing class, an oil and acrylic painting class, and also a colour class. I found all of these modules to be extremely beneficial and informative to my practice, enlightening me on many of the technical process involved in creating fine art. Having returned to the UK, I then enrolled on a 4 year BA Art course at  the University of Reading. I was introduced to a wide range of different art forms while studying contemporary art theory. I was also encouraged to experiment with artistic process and create work which is conceptually motivated.

Throughout my time in education and to this day, I continue to learn and teach myself new ways to improve my technique so that the finished product is of the highest standard possible. I began to share my drawings on social media which attracted a large audience from around the world. I have had various pieces shared on large art accounts, as well as one portrait being recognised and reposted by UK rap artist GIGGS.