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About Jamie Ampleford

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Jamie is a Devon based artist specialising in oil painting. His work focuses predominantly on portraiture but also includes local landscape and still life painting.

Jamie began drawing portraits from a young age, often depicting iconic figures in sports, music and film. Throughout art classes in school and college he was introduced to painting. During this period he experimented with a range of different mediums including acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite, ink and spray paint. In 2019, following graduation from Reading University he decided to explore the new medium of oil paint. It was during this period that he became fascinated with the technical side of painting and drawing, learning a great deal about the fundamentals from books and video content found online. In 2020 his Self Portrait 2019 was selected for the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition where he competed in heat 2, painting Drag Queen The Vivienne. Although he did not progress to the next stage of the competition, The Vivienne selected his painting at the end of the day.

Having recently moved to Devon, Jamie’s work is now heavily influenced by the surrounding landscape, creating work inspired by his everyday encounters and experiences. Recently he has incorporated plein air painting to his practice, leaving the comfort of his studio to embrace the challenge of capturing colour, value and edges as they appear in nature.


Jamie continues to take on painting and drawing commissions. To find out more visit his commissions page

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